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The Aromatherapy Company Ltd - Registration Number:  6958855 VAT Registration Number: 987 3231 87 Directors: K. Yanagawa C. L. Carta
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O R G A N I C O O O N I I A I C T S S S A L R Home Home Mission Statement Mission Statement Courses Courses Spa Training Spa Training Hospitality Hospitality Distributors Distributors Contact Us  Contact Us Catalogues Catalogues Organic Skin Care Organic Bath & Body Care Body Scrubs Organic Hand & Foot Care Organic Mother & Baby Organic Candles Organic Essential Oils Organic Synergies Hydrolats Organic Spa Products Specialised Products Organic Essential Oils Organic essential oils for wellbeing of the mind, body & soul from planet earths gifts of nature.   The Aromatherapy Company believes wholeheartedly in the possibilities of essential oils in treating and easing symptoms of unease and discomfort on physical, physiological and psychological levels of the human journey.  Essential oils are made up of natural chemical components which are often replicated in orthodox medicines today.   Soothing and healing organically for a natural way of life      Essential Oils