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Site Map Site Map Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Governing Bodies Governing Bodies Bespoke Branding Bespoke Branding T R A D E C O U N C I L A R O M A T H E R A P Y L I C C E N N o E 1 2 3 Body Scrubs  Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salts and Himalayan Pink Salts infused with organic carrier oils and essential oils for a wonderfully exfoliating and moisturising treatment. These scrubs will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with an aromatic indulgent, natural fragrance.   They can be used all over the body prior to showering or bathing and are particularly good for removing dead skin cells on particularly dry areas. A brilliant treat for hardworking hands and feet too. Lovely for use in manicure and pedicure treatments.   Like all of our products these body scrubs are infused with essential oils that encourage balance and wellness of the whole being.  Available in 300g Kilner PET jars  Uplifting  Bergamot, Lime & Orange  Infused with citrus oils to lift the spirits and freshen the mind & body with nature’s sunshine fruits.  Detoxifying  Fennel, Lemon, Juniper Berry & Lavender  To encourage elimination of toxins, break down fat and ease digestion. This purifying scrub is used in our Spa Detox treatment and Detox kit.  Balancing Geranium With Rhododendron and Palmarosa  Created using essential oils that are known to have a positive effect on female hormonal balance. A real favourite with ladies and naturally pink.  Cool Mint Foot & Body Scrub Spearmint, Peppermint, Cornmint & Yarrow  A cooling and freshening scrub that will leave the skin feeling revitalised and invigorated. Perfect for use on the feet as a scrub and foot soak treatment.
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