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O R G A N I C O O O N I I A I C T S S S A L R Home Home Mission Statement Mission Statement Courses Courses Spa Training Spa Training Hospitality Hospitality Distributors Distributors Contact Us  Contact Us Catalogues Catalogues Organic Skin Care Organic Bath & Body Care Body Scrubs Organic Hand & Foot Care Organic Mother & Baby Organic Candles Organic Essential Oils Organic Synergies Hydrolats Organic Spa Products Specialised Products Advanced Aromatherapy Courses Advanced Aromatherapy Techniques  Sometimes as therapists we encounter problems that need a different approach to treatment other than the use of massage with essential oils. This course looks at how we can be more effective in our treatments when we need to be and it will provide you with information to use new approaches safely and with confidence.  This course covers the following content. Chemistry of essential oils (therapeutic properties of chemical families and of individual chemical components). Properties and uses of carrier oils and Hydrolats and other bases. Effective essential oil blends, practical application techniques and case studies.   Carrier Oils Your choice of carrier oil is just as important as your choice of essential oils in a treatment. Extend your knowledge of carrier oils and learn how to select carriers to enhance a treatment. This course will cover the extraction and production of carrier oils, the chemistry of carrier oils, carrier oil profiles including therapeutic properties and practical applications.  Hydrolats in Depth    Many different types of Hydrolat are now available to Aromatherapists and we know a lot more information about them. Learn all about these wonderful products and how you can include them into your treatments. This course will cover the production of Hydrolats, the chemistry of Hydrolats, Hydrolat profiles including therapeutic properties and practical applications  Aromatherapy for the Respiratory System    Disorders of the respiratory system are amongst the most common problems encountered by Aromatherapists. Increase your confidence in the way you approach treatment of these conditions. This course will cover a brief overview of the anatomy of the respiratory system, pathology of the system, essential oils which support the system, application techniques and practical work with the oils.   Aromatherapy for women   The majority of clients that an Aromatherapist treats are women. Make your treatments much more effective by looking in detail at common conditions which affect women and at how to select appropriate essential oils and other Aromatherapy products. This course will cover common conditions affecting women, using knowledge of chemistry to select the most effective essential oils, carrier oils and Hydrolats to treat conditions and practical application techniques.   Aromatherapy for Headache & Migraine    Develop a better understanding of headaches and migraines in order to improve your essential oil choices when treating these debilitating conditions. This course will cover the pathology of headaches & migraines, the chemistry of the most appropriate essential oils and Hydrolats to use in treatments and practical application techniques including head, neck & shoulder massage.  Aromatherapy Pain Management    An Aromatherapist encounters painful conditions on a regular basis. Learn how to select essential oils according to their chemical properties to create effective analgesic blends. This course covers the physiology of pain, chemical properties of essential oils, selecting and blending essential oils for effective pain management, other useful Aromatherapy products and practical application methods   Aromatherapy for Arthritis    An extremely common group of conditions, arthritis can be treated very successfully with essential oils. This course covers the different types of arthritic conditions, essential oil chemistry for arthritic conditions, useful carrier oils and Hydrolats, holistic approaches to treatment and practical application methods.   Aromatherapy For Allergic Conditions Aromatherapists will encounter a wide range of allergies. Learn more about allergic conditions and how to create successful blends to treat them. This course covers the allergic response of the immune system, different allergic conditions, chemical properties of essential oils, other useful Aromatherapy products and practical application methods.  Essential Oil Chemistry Are you still confused by the Chemistry of Essential oils? It is a fact that knowledge of the chemistry behind the tools of our trade can make us more effective therapists. Your confidence will grow as you apply your knowledge to create safe, effective yet powerful blends. The course will open the door to a different way of thinking about the oils.  Aromatherapy For Pregnancy and beyond This course focuses on the safe use of aromatherapy and essential oils during pregnancy, labour and post natal use.